Look Forward To Graduation

Look Forward To Graduation Day


On the day of graduation, you want your students to be happy and excited. Every student will have priceless memories they will be carrying with them to the next level of academy. Over the course of the year there are many special events and opportunities for students to form friendships and bonds with one another. Also along the way will come challenging obstacles like standardized tests and rigorous school work. The road to graduation is a long tough fought journey.

Therefore, why not reward your students with a 5th grade tee for graduation? Customized t-shirts can help to celebrate the occasion. Let students vote on a logo or slogan for the shirt, and then have us print it in a variety of colors and blends. To get everyone pumped, debut the shirts the week of graduation or pass them out the day of to wear after the ceremony to show out and show class pride!


Color Preview