Give Students A Memento That’ll Last

Student T-Shirts Are A Memento That’ll Lasts


Throughout a student’s fifth grade year they will experience many moments vital to a memorable journey. Along the way they will develop bonds with their fellow classmates and schoolmates and even teachers. There are also many holidays making room for special memories during their pivotal year.

Getting your students a t-shirt will leave them with a special memento that’ll last. Not only would they have a tangible item filled with endless memories, they can also wear it and show their pride in style. Additionally it will leave the students with a sense of accomplishment — and who doesn’t love that feeling?

Ready to get your 5th grade t-shirts printed? We can help! Urban Uniforms works with you to create designs that represent your school or class perfectly. Even better, our shirts come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate every student.


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